I realize that when I take a few days off from blogging (i.e. the weekends), I usually want to recap everything I did over the past few days. And that, my friends, usually results in a long and wordy post.


So, I’m just going to concentrate on one highlight. And that would be the Firefighter’s 10K we ran yesterday.

There are no pictures, because we were running too fast.

Ha! I kid.

It may not have been my fastest race, but it was a good one.

My two goals were to 1.) Run the whole thing with no walking breaks and 2.) Keep under a 10:00 min/mile pace. Both of which I succeeded in accomplishing.

Yes, I understand that a 10 minute pace isn’t exactly speed-demon status, but I’ve never been that fast of a runner, and I’m slower now than I used to be 3 years ago.

My fastest race pace I ever ran was actually this same race, 3 years ago, when I clocked a 9:02 pace. My goal has always been to break a 9 minute pace, but I knew that was not in the cards for this race, and I didn’t want to make myself feel like a failure for not breaking any records.

So, I set two goals I was fairly confident I could reach, and I felt awesome when I crossed the finish line.

Setting goals, FTW! My calves on the other hand…ow!

It shall be a light day at the gym today. I foresee lots and lots of stretching in my future.

In other news, I finally made CaitlinHTP’s cornbread quiche on Saturday.


To say it is delicious would be an understatement. There are many, many variations of this recipe, but I’ll direct you to the zucchini version that I made. My only addition was to add goat cheese on top.

I also didn’t use a large enough pan, so I had to bake mine on a tray to avoid making a mess in the oven. Still amazing, though.

Coupled with a cup of coffee in one of my favorite mugs (from Ireland!), it was a good, good Saturday.

Actually, it was a good, good weekend.

Happy Monday!


Weekend Musings

October 15, 2012

A small recap of my weekend…

Two packs for the price of one out of the vending machine is always a nice mid-afternoon surprise.

Anybody that can write that neatly in chocolate deserves to be acknowledged. I don’t know where you find these people, Eastern Standard, but I applaud you. (And thanks for dinner, Mom and Dad! :))

It’s gourd season. Look close and you can see mine. Anybody who doesn’t love gourds has a screw loose. They the coolest in my book.

Having my sister visit on Saturday night means we had a four-legged visitor, too. And Miss Lola had no problem making herself right at home. She needs no lessons in the comfort department, I can tell you that.

And finally, no fall Sunday is complete without one of these puppies. Pumpkin beer (I recommend Dogfish Head Punkin, but our liquor store was out so we used a different kind), vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream (I made ours, with a little vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar. Amazing), and Ginger Snap cookies. Go make one now, and you can thank me later.
Here’s a better picture (the ones we made last year), to drive the point home.

And now, it’s Monday. I’ve got a 5-miler planned for after work. I never got my run in on Friday, so I’ll let you know how that goes.

Happy Monday!