Well, it’s October 9th, which means only one thing…

Tomorrow is my birthday.

My…27th…birthday. Ack.

I have mixed feelings on this. For one, it’s always nice to feel special for a day. You know, that one day that everyone goes out of their way to call you, text you, email you…

Or, most likely, write on your facebook wall.

On the other hand, I’m officially saying good bye to my mid-20s. I’ve tried (in vain) to convince those around me that 27 is still, in fact, mid-20s, but alas, nobody agrees with me. So as of 11pm tomorrow night, I will officially be in my late-20s.

Or as I am now putting it, my late-mid-20s.

In order to deal with my new-found oldness, I figured a little comfort food should be on the menu. And what would a birthday be without a little cake?

So here you go people: Root Beer Float Cake.

Now before you all freak out, remember: A little cake never killed anyone. It’s all about portion control. So make it, enjoy it, and don’t forget to sing happy birthday to me before you cut into it.

Look, I’ve even provided a picture for you to sing to:
happy birthday

PS- I hope you don’t think I plan on baking this cake myself. I’m just assuming someone who reads this will get the hint and make it for me…

And FYI- I’ve now bookmarked this happy little blog that I got this recipe from. Thank you, Joy the Baker!