How much do you really eat?

October 16, 2009

It’s Friday, and here I am posting just in time to ruin your weekend dinner plans.

Yay for me!

As promised, here is the scary poster I wanted to show you guys:



I love how I can add captions to these pictures. It’s fun. Anywho….

Unless you have 20/2000 vision, you probably can’t read the type, so here’s the link you can go to, if you really want to know how much you’re over-eating by. The portions on the left are what restaurants typically serve, those on the right are an actual serving size.

I was thinking about ordering one of these and hanging it on my fridge, but I realized it would probably just make me depressed and then I would eat more, thus having the complete opposite effect on me. (As I wrote in a previous post, emotional eating at its finest!)


On that note, happy weekend! Sorry if I ruined your dinner plans for tonight. 😦

I will leave you with one simple way to avoid over-eating at a restaurant: As soon as you get your meal, ask the waiter or waitress to box up half your meal to take home before you start eating. It works. I swear.

Disclaimer: Eating the second half on the car ride home defeats the purpose.

Try to at least save it for the next day. πŸ™‚

See you all Monday!


Portion Distortion…Solved!

October 15, 2009

Do you wonder if you eat too much? Have you ever wished there was a plate that could tell you exactly how much you should be eating?

Are you wondering why this post sounds like a bad infomercial?

Well, my dear reader, have I got news for you!

Said in loud booming voice: Have no fear! The Portion Plate is here!

Ta Da!

Ta Da!

I’ll admit, my first reaction was to point and laugh when I saw this.

Point first. Then laugh.

However, upon closer inspection, this is actually kind of a cool idea. At first, it looks like something you’d use to feed a toddler. But, if you look closely, the concept behind it really gives you an idea of how much (or should I say, how little) you should be eating.

Unfortunately, my consumption of Root Beer Float cake this weekend alone was about two of those plates. The Portion Police would not be happy with me.

Moving on…

I don’t suggest you tote this along with you when you go out to dinner, say, on a first date.

Excuse me waiter? Can you place my meal on my Big-Boy Portion Plate? Thanks.

But it might be a handy tool to use in the secrecy of your own home.

And as per new blogging rules, no I did not receive this product for free, nor have I received any money in return for a positive review. Hell, I haven’t even tried it. I just think it looks cool. (Although if the people over at Portion Plate Headquarters want to send me one, I would not be opposed to that.)

And for the record — yes, using your portion plate twice in one meal does completely defeat the purpose of it.

However, if used for the consumption of Root Beer Float cake, then that is just A-OK in my book. (Oh what’s that? You want the link to the recipe again? Here you go!)

Check back tomorrow for more Portion Distortion. I’ve got a scary poster for you to check out. Until then, happy eating. πŸ™‚