A Donut Poem

June 1, 2012

Last night I was so excited
I could hardly sleep
Nothing could get me to drift off
Not even counting sheep

Instead I stayed up thinking
About my game plan for today
I mapped out every morsel
Before I finally hit the hay

What exactly am I planning?
I’m so happy that you ask
For I drifted off with a smile on my face
My excitement I can’t mask

You see, to me today
Is the best day of the year
Some might think this obsession is weird
But I don’t really care

It’s better than Christmas morning
Much better than any gift
And if I ever missed this event
I’d be really miffed

My friends, it’s National Donut Day
No, I’m not being clever
You really get to eat as many donuts as you want
With no guilt what-so-ever

No matter what you’re preference
Boston Cream or Blueberry Cake
You can stuff your gob until you burst
Of every kind they make

So, get yourself to a donut shop
And eat until you blow up like a balloon
Because you won’t be able to do it again
Until the first Friday of next June!

I hope you enjoyed this little ditty
About my favorite breakfast treat
Because in all their doughy goodness
They’re really hard to beat

Happy National Donut Day!


Happy National Donut Day!

Remember to go to Dunkin Donuts to get your free one. I myself will be taking down a chocolate stick and vanilla frosted. Due to the Harpoon 5 Miler tomorrow, my donut-eating capabilities are somewhat hindered.

But that won’t stop me from celebrating this glorious day!

And Happy Birthday Mom! 🙂

PS- Wish me luck tomorrow in the race. I may or may not make it. Stay tuned for my (not so) triumphant results. In the meantime, for an accurate mental depiction of what I’ll look like, I’d like to refer you to this picture:

Courtesy of my good friend over at Two Sassy B’s.
Thanks Brita!