Weekend Musings

October 15, 2012

A small recap of my weekend…

Two packs for the price of one out of the vending machine is always a nice mid-afternoon surprise.

Anybody that can write that neatly in chocolate deserves to be acknowledged. I don’t know where you find these people, Eastern Standard, but I applaud you. (And thanks for dinner, Mom and Dad! :))

It’s gourd season. Look close and you can see mine. Anybody who doesn’t love gourds has a screw loose. They the coolest in my book.

Having my sister visit on Saturday night means we had a four-legged visitor, too. And Miss Lola had no problem making herself right at home. She needs no lessons in the comfort department, I can tell you that.

And finally, no fall Sunday is complete without one of these puppies. Pumpkin beer (I recommend Dogfish Head Punkin, but our liquor store was out so we used a different kind), vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream (I made ours, with a little vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar. Amazing), and Ginger Snap cookies. Go make one now, and you can thank me later.
Here’s a better picture (the ones we made last year), to drive the point home.

And now, it’s Monday. I’ve got a 5-miler planned for after work. I never got my run in on Friday, so I’ll let you know how that goes.

Happy Monday!


…what I eat on a regular, day-to-day basis.

Oh, you guys. You’re making me blush. I actually have a fanbase!

My question is– do you want the truth? (pizza)

Or the ideal? (um, pizza with whole wheat crust?)

I kid.

Here’s the thing– While I do try to eat healthy on a consistent basis, my diet is far from perfect.

I love cheeseburgers. I would die for baked goods. And alcohol has a pretty regular spot on my beverage rotation.

Given my love for food, I try to take the “you can eat anything as long as it’s in moderation” approach.

Sometimes this works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

(Shameful truth– if I make a pizza at home, I can easily take down at least half of it. I try really hard not to do this, but, you know, sometimes I do. And I may or may not be watching Jerseylicious while doing it. Whatever. Go ahead and judge me.)

However, while I’m not one to be giving out nutrition advice (just yesterday I had 2 chocolate cookies after lunch. What? They were getting old. Someone had to eat them. I don’t bake cookies to throw them away. God.), I will be happy to share with you the healthier side of my diet.

My healthy eating tends to occur Monday-Friday between the hours of 8-4.

Eating right is so much easier when you’re on a schedule, am I right?

And, since today is Thursday and therefore falls into that time slot, I’ve eaten pretty well so far today.

So, let the meal tracking commence.

Breakfast today was my typical go-to Breakfast Sundae. (How is it that even for breakfast, I manage to make it sound like I’m eating sweets?)

I’m a sucker for Chobani Greek yogurt, but the flavored kinds are chock-full of sugar. This made me sad, since the peach kind if my fave.

Enter– chocolate protein powder. Yes, still sugary, but I can control how much I put in, and it adds a little extra protein to boot.

Throw in a few frozen blueberries, and voila! You’ve got yourself a very tasty, kind of frozen, sweet but not-too-sweet-for-breakfast Breakfast Sundae.

Nom nom nom

I also try to eat another piece of fruit along with this. Today it was an apple. A Fuji apple from the grocery store to be exact. I don’t usually like to eat fruit from the grocery store, but I haven’t been home to stock up in a while so Shaw’s apples it is.

And while I’m at it, I might as well start tracking my work outs too.

Wow– look at you guys keeping me on track!

So, yesterday was the big day I decided to officially start training for another half. I’ll be running 4 days a week, which leaves me two days a week to strength train, with one day rest.

Thursdays are a strength training day. Today’s workout was:

Warm Up:
Ankle/Knee/Hip/Shoulder Rolls
Random Stretching
Alternating Back Lunges
Side-to-Side Squats
More Random Stretching
(I have an actual warm up routine I should follow, but that doesn’t always happen. Today was one of those days.)

Main Set:
12x (per arm) 8kg Kettlebell Snatches
15x Bosu Ball sit ups
(Repeat 3 times)

Alternating 3 sets Incline Dumbbell Press/Lat Pulldown
Set 1– 10x @ 30 lbs Press
12x @ 80lbs Pulldown

Set 2– 8x @ 35lbs Press
6x @ 100 lbs Pulldown

Set 3– 6x @ 35lbs Press (meh)
5x @ 100 lbs Pulldown

Cardio Boost:
12x 28 kg Kettlebell Swings
15x 15 lb. Medicine Ball Slams
(Alternate 3x’s through)

Alternating 3 sets Chest Fly Machine/Bent-Over Row
Set 1– 10x @ 70lbs Flies
12x @ 65lbs Row

Set 2–
8x @ 80lbs Flies
8x @ 75 lbs Row

Set 3– 6x @ 80lbs Flies
6x @ 75lbs Row

Final Set– Ropes
100 Alternating
25 Rope Slams/25 Alternating
Repeat 25/25
Finish with 100 Alternating

Took me about 45 minutes, kicked my butt, and I feel good.

So, tell me loyal readers. Do you want to read about what I eat and what I do in the gym? Or should I stay away from the fitness/nutrition stuff and leave that to the pros?

Just when I think I’m finally being healthy…

In lieu of the holiday season, I’ve been trying to clean up my diet a little. I figure if I’m going to be indulging in a little holiday cheer (and by cheer, I mean alcohol and cookies) on the weekends, the least I can do it keep it healthy during the week. Not too hard, right?


I started the morning off on a good note:

Low sugar oatmeal! Fruit!

And this wholesome, hearty breakfast held me over until lunch, where I had a nice can of soup and some salad waiting to be consumed.

But then I ran into trouble.

Big trouble.

All I wanted was the soup bowl I keep in the bottom drawer of my desk. Really, I wasn’t asking for trouble. So imagine my surprise when I open it up and see this:


How, oh how, did I forget that I bought this candy the day after Halloween during a moment of weakness when I went into CVS to buy mascara and it was on sale for, like, 2 for $1?

The fact that it has sat in my bottom drawer, untouched, for a month literally blows my mind.

Unfortunately, that candy is now on my radar.

I heard it calling my name while I glumly ate my stupid soup and droopy salad, which promptly lost it’s luster once I knew there was real, live chocolate within 2 feet of me.

I tried. I really did. But having chocolate that close would wreak havoc on anybody’s willpower.

Which is why it really isn’t my fault that this happened:


Damn you chocolate. You win again. 😦

Junk Food = Heroin?!

November 4, 2009

I love food.

Especially chocolate.


Seriously, my dreams look something like this:


Minus the Almond Joy (Yeck)

Just last night, I downed almost half a pint of Ben Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. (Thanks Joe :))

If I didn’t force myself workout regularly, I’d probably end up as a contestant on The Biggest Loser, with Jillian Michaels teaching me kettlebells and feeding me 5 calorie Extra Sugar-Free gum.


So, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. Hold your horses. I’m getting there.

A scientist in London has found that junk food is as addicting as drugs.

OK, is just me, or does the kid in the article look like he’s getting possessed by that burger?

He’s like, “Must. Eat. Red. Meat.” Nom, nom, nom.

Haa. Anyway….

This study actually found that junk food is almost as addictive as heroin.

Um, excuse me? HEROIN? Let me say this for everyone:

That’s effin’ scary!

It’s terrifying to think that people have become so dependent on junk food that it’s now being compared to illegal drugs.

It’s called willpower, people! C’mon!

Now excuse me, I need to go shoot up…errrr…eat a chocolate bar.

PS- Read the study. It’s interesting.

Well, it’s October 9th, which means only one thing…

Tomorrow is my birthday.

My…27th…birthday. Ack.

I have mixed feelings on this. For one, it’s always nice to feel special for a day. You know, that one day that everyone goes out of their way to call you, text you, email you…

Or, most likely, write on your facebook wall.

On the other hand, I’m officially saying good bye to my mid-20s. I’ve tried (in vain) to convince those around me that 27 is still, in fact, mid-20s, but alas, nobody agrees with me. So as of 11pm tomorrow night, I will officially be in my late-20s.

Or as I am now putting it, my late-mid-20s.

In order to deal with my new-found oldness, I figured a little comfort food should be on the menu. And what would a birthday be without a little cake?

So here you go people: Root Beer Float Cake.

Now before you all freak out, remember: A little cake never killed anyone. It’s all about portion control. So make it, enjoy it, and don’t forget to sing happy birthday to me before you cut into it.

Look, I’ve even provided a picture for you to sing to:
happy birthday

PS- I hope you don’t think I plan on baking this cake myself. I’m just assuming someone who reads this will get the hint and make it for me…

And FYI- I’ve now bookmarked this happy little blog that I got this recipe from. Thank you, Joy the Baker!