December 5, 2012

So, you guys know how I hate lifting?

Oh, you do? How do you know? Do I complain about it a lot?

Anyway. I think I’ve finally come up with a plan that will work for me. And that plans lies in a little book call New Rules of Lifting for Women.

I bought this book at the beginning of the year and made it through the first two phases before I gave up.

However, that was when I was at a different  gym and working out after work. You know, when the gym is crowded with adolescent faux meat heads  that think they own the place.

I’m back at my old gym now, which is conveniently in the basement of my office building (which means I can work out at 10 or 10:30 in the morning, when the gym is dead.)

This is much more conducive to my preferable lifting environment. No sweaty faux meat heads. Just old, rickety retired folks who go to the gym more for the social aspect than any health benefits.

I feel like a bad ass amongst that crowd.

Anyway, I digress.

I’ve decided to start NROLFW again, from the beginning. It’s a back-to-basics approach that’s perfect for my current half marathon training plan.

I’ll still be lifting twice a week, but now I have a plan to follow. I did the first workout of phase one yesterday, and I was sweating my butt off.

Remember Shoddy Lifting Tuesday when I did 2 sets of 8 squats and thought I was going to become a double amputee because of it?

The plan yesterday called for 2 sets of 15 squats with the same weight…and I did it. Easily.

It’s amazing how following a plan can force you to push yourself. Weird how that works, right?

Anyway, I’ve got 5 miles on the docket today. I’ve got high hopes.

In other news, I made pulled pork in my crockpot for the first time last night. I had put the word out on Facebook asking for a good recipe. A lot of people responded that they use root beer and/or ginger ale, or beer. I’m dying to try the root beer route, but I didn’t feel like going to the store, so I just used what we had on hand.

Onion, garlic, Sweet Baby Ray’s Honey BBQ sauce and some stout from the boys’ home brewed stash. I also accidentally bought a center cut of pork instead of pork butt, so it was a little leaner than typical pulled pork.

But OMG you guys it came out sooooo good. So good. So so effing good. I heart pulled pork. I want to eat it for the rest of my life.

Ok that’d be a little excessive, but seriously you guys — so good.

I took a picture of it, but it kind of looked like something out of a Halloween horror movie. So, instead of a picture of disgusting-looking (but delicious) pulled pork, here’s a cute picture of me and my friend Bridge on the train coming back  from our girl’s trip to NYC this past weekend:

Cute picture for 12:30 at night!

I think it’s a pretty good picture, considering it was 12:30 at night and we had been awake for almost 20 hours. You could tell how delirious we were by our high-pitched manic giggling when an older man walked by who looked like the 65 year old version of Bridget’s boyfriend. Seriously, it wasn’t that funny. But it kind of was.

Anyway, happy Wednesday! 🙂