Gotta Love Top 10 Lists

October 2, 2009

Yeah, alright…this post has absolutely nothing to do with health, fitness, or anything of the sort. But it’s Friday, and what kind of Friday would it be without a top 10 list?

Well, come to think of it, not much different than every other Friday in my book.

Alrighty then….

Well, since you’re here, you might as well check it out anyway:
Top 10 Bizarre College Courses.

I should have attended Accidental…errr…Occidental College. A course in Stupidity could definitely be applied to everyday life. Although they also require freshman to take the course The Unbearable Whiteness of Barbie. My question is, do they also require them to be covered in tattoos like the doll in the picture? (What the hell is that all about?)

And don’t pretend you didn’t snicker at the last one. I know all of you who read this. You’re not above that.