What I’ve Been Up To

January 27, 2012

The last time I blogged, I was likening myself to an antelope and talking about my feet.

Was that weird?


Anyway, due to a combination of utter laziness, lack of inspiration, and more utter laziness, you’ve basically heard nothing but radio silence from me for the past 2+ months.

Again…sorry. Blame it on winter depression.

For anyone who has ever had a blog, I’m pretty sure they can attest to the fact that it’s tough to keep up with regular postings.

Unless someone wants to pay me buckets of money to talk about what I eat everyday, it’s safe to say that my posts will continue to be completely sporadic, ranging from a few times a week to once every few months.

Besides, I can assure you– if I wrote about my everyday life, you guys would drop like flies.

There’s only so many ways that I can say “I sat on my butt, alternating between reruns of How I met Your Mother and Kim and Kourtney Take New York all night” before I’d have to own up to the fact that yes, I am in fact, the world’s biggest waste of space.

So, anyway, now that we’re all here, let me catch you up on what’s been going on in my life.

My foot: (Because talking about my feet is apparently becoming a regular topic of conversation here.)

In my last post, I was in the throes of a terrible bout of plantar fasciitis.

Once I got over the fact that running through the pain was not going to help, I finally wised (is that a word) up and stopped trying.

And guess what?

My foot…got…BETTER!

Although the half marathon I wanted to do in February is a no go, I’m back up to running 5-7 miles a few times a week.

Granted, I’m nowhere near where I was when I ran the Miami Half back in 2009, but I’m getting there. Slowly but surely.

My New Place: Can you believe I’ve already been here for 6 months? Crazy, right?

I even hung curtains! (Please disregard the cheap curtain rods. I have better ones, I just haven’t hung them yet. I need a step ladder.)

Alas, as much as I love it here, I won’t be renewing my lease in August.

I knew from the start I’d probably only be here for a year.

So, I’ll miss it, but by the time August rolls around, I’ll be ready to move on. (Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to talk all about that new place when we find it. And I’ll post pictures. Lots of pictures. Your welcome.)

Work: I was recently also lamenting about the loss of my cube.

And…I still don’t have a cube.

The “6 month renovation project” in my office seems to be at a standstill.

Seriously. It’s been 3 months and I think all they’ve done is dismantled maybe 3 cubes.


But, as much as I was complaining, I actually don’t mind sitting amongst my co-workers.

I actually talk to other people during the day,instead of sitting alone in my cube doing crossword puzzles and shunning the outside world.

My new-found socialness with co-workers actually makes the day go by faster. And it also makes Moe very happy.

He isn’t faced with an interaction-starved human being talking a mile a minute at the end of the day.


And finally, the last thing:

My father has joined Facebook.

Last I looked, he’s up to 27 friends.

I always said, the day one of my parents got Facebook, I’d delete my account.

So far, he’s behaved himself. The only question posted on my wall so far has been “How do I put that picture in my spot?”

(That was his way of asking how to get a profile picture.)

Ohhh parents and social media. Sometimes I’m against it, but it can be pretty funny.

OK, well, now that we’re all caught up on the minutiae of my everyday life, we can get back to regular programming.

I’ll be back.

Probably not until February, but I promise, I’ll be back.


One thing about getting my own place, aside from the sheer glory of living alone, is the fact that I have to buy everything to furnish it myself. I knew this going into it, obviously, and I’ve been pretty good about buying things little by little, but it’s still a really expensive endeavor to take on. As much as I would love to decorate my new place in Restoration Hardware and West Elm, well, that’s just not going to happen.

Enter IKEA.

IKEA is like the knight and shining armor to broke twenty-somethings like myself trying to create a cute space to live on a tight budget.

I’ve known for a while that this was the couch I was going to get:

Now, the original plan was to go buy it this weekend, during the tax free holiday.

Because, you know, that would have been the rational thing to do.

I would have saved some money. And, more importantly, I would have had some people to help me.

But, of course, this is not what I ended up doing. Because that would have been way too easy.

Given the fact that sometimes I am a completely irrational person, I decided that, actually, I needed to have my couch by the time I moved in on Thursday.

So, this is why I found myself frantically driving to IKEA at 8:00 Monday night, swerving in and out of traffic in a desperate attempt to go purchase my Karlstad sofa before they closed at 9pm.

I was so focused on getting the stupid thing, I never considered how I was actually going to get the sofa from where it was in the store to the checkout line.

See, IKEA is set up so you can view the furniture on the upper level, and when you find something you like, you go down to the warehouse and find it yourself.

You then load it onto a cart and bring it to the cash register.

By yourself.

When I originally decided on the urgency of having a couch by Thursday, I never took into consideration that going to IKEA to purchase it alone might not be the easiest thing in the world.

But there I was, flip-flops on my feet, sloppy bun atop my head, heaving and hoeing a 100+ pound, 8 foot tall hunk of cardboard onto a cart that didn’t have wheel locks.

It only took me about 4 tries (and several weird looks from people in the store, who I’d like to thank for not helping me), but I did it.

Boy, was I proud.

I got that puppy onto that cart without even messing up my pedicure.

After that ordeal, I managed to get it to the cash register without knocking anything over.

I may or may not have almost run over a baby stroller, but that’s not my fault. You try wheeling an 8 foot tall sofa around a giant warehouse.

Once paid for, I promptly wheeled it to home deliveries, scheduled it to be sent to me the next day, and went home exhausted, $600 in the hole, and one new couch richer.

It got delivered last night. And, to add even more to my superwoman status, I assembled it myself.

Ladies and gents, behold. A sneak peak at my new sofa:

Yes, I agree. The blue striped pillow doesn’t match. But I bought that before I learned the meaning of the term “impulse control”, so until I find somewhere else to put it, that’s where it’s going.

I know you’re all dying to see everything else, but the only other thing set up in my new place is this:

Obviously you can see where my priorities are.

But, the big, permanent move day is tomorrow. After that, I’ll have more pictures for you to oohhh and aaahhhh over.

Until then, wish me luck!

It began the night before.

I found out I lost 2.2 pounds at Weight Watchers.

So…I went home and made a cheese pizza.


The next day was going swimmingly until…

I left work late.

Squeezed onto a very crowded train…

Which promptly got stuck underground…during rush hour.

Oh yeah, did I tell you?

There was a Red Sox home game last night.

Which means I was surrounded by idiotic fans dressed in their trusty Sox gear.

I’d like to let it be known that the majority of Red Sox fans don’t take public transportation on a regular basis.

Therefore, they think the T is “cool”.

Not moving for 30 minutes resulted in them loudly and excitedly discussing the trials and tribulations of getting “stuck” on the “train”, because, you know…siiiigh… it is a part of city living after all.

As if being jostled by Sox fans on a crowded train wasn’t bad enough, there were also about 30 elementary-school-aged campers.

Extended periods of not moving causes children of this age to become antsy.

This resulted in poking, yelling, stepping on my feet, and incessantly asking “WHY aren’t we MOVING?”

I have never exercised such extreme self-control than I did on that train.

I did not harm any children.

Although in my head I did.


Hour and a half later I was home.

I planned on making dinner for Moe.

Tacos, to be exact.

Went to turn on the stove.

The gas stove, to be exact.

Click, click, click…clickclickclickcickclickclickclick.

Lots of gas.

No flame.

Headache ensues.

As well as a call to my (very chatty) landlord.

Couple hours later, 3 of the 4 burners are fixed.

Moe and I eat take-out.

And I go about 30 points over my Weight Watchers limit for the day.