I Just Want to See Argo

December 4, 2012

Hey guys…is Argo any good?

Because I wouldn’t know. We’ve tried to go see it 3…yes 3…times, and have failed at every attempt.

Our first attempt, we made the mistake of going to the movies the day after Thanksgiving without buying our tickets first.

Now, we rarely go to the movies (I’m talking once a year, twice a year if we’re feeling randy), but I kind of feel like we should have known the theater would be packed.

Oh, no. Not us. We went to that theater will full expectations of seeing Argo, because “I mean, it’s been out forever. I highly doubt a lot of people will be seeing it.” (me.)

“Agreed. If anything, Lincoln will be sold out.” (Joe.)

Ha! Hahahaha! We got to the theater and the ticket line was legitimately out the door. My feeble hope that maybe it was Life of Pi that was attracting the crowds was dashed when someone came out saying Argo was completely sold out.

After standing around awkwardly for a few minutes, we left to go see Lincoln at another theater because “I mean, it’s a small theater. Who even knows West Newton has a cinema?” (me)

Well, apparently a lot of people know West Newton has a cinema, because Lincoln was also completely sold out.

Attempt one — fail. We went out to dinner instead.

Our second attempt occurred last Thursday. The plan was I would meet Joe at his work, we’d leave right from there, grab dinner and catch the 7:45 showing.

Now, a series of unfortunate events happened that day that led to the ultimate demise of this carefully laid out plan.

Around noon, there was a Green line trolley crash at Boylston Station. That station lies directly between the station I get on, and the one I’d need to get to to switch lines to get to where to Joe works. You will need to remember this.

Around 4:45, the area of town Joe works in lost power. I had already left work, so I didn’t know this.

Around 5, I start my walk to the T. Normally, I would get on at the station down the street, but due to said trolley crash, there were delays getting to where I needed to go, so I decided to just walk to the station I needed to get to in order to switch T lines to get to Joe. (Did you follow that?) It’s only about a 20 minute walk, but it kind of sucks in the winter.

As soon as I got to the station, Joe called informing me of said power outage and telling me that area of town was completely backed up, the T was majorly delayed, and his car was stuck in the parking garage for an undetermined about of time (he was talking hours, not minutes.) Therefore, he told me to head home.

Annoyed, I turned back around and began my 20 minute walk back to my normal station to get the T going in the other direction to go home.

No sooner had I walked into the station that a train pulled up. Relieved I would finally be getting somewhere, I prepared to get on the trolley.

And, you guys, I’m not even kidding — the train caught on fire.

I’m talking billowing black smoke, horrible electric smell…the works. The station filled with smoke and they immediately told people to start evacuating.

At this point, I wasn’t even worried about my safety. I was just pissed, convinced that I was never, ever going to get home that day. My clothes smelled like smoke, my hair smelled even worse, and, like I said, the train on the platform was on fire.

The only happy person I saw in that station was a homeless man lighting up a cigarette because “Hell, the place is on fire. How will they know?”

Needless to say, we didn’t make it to the movies that night. I ended up in a bar drinking alone until Joe walked over the bridge into the city and I went to meet him and we proceeded to go out to dinner again.

Attempt two — um, major fail.

Attempt three was a little more tame. We were going to go last Friday, but we missed the early showing. I had an early 6 am wake up time on Saturday because I was heading down to NYC with friends to see a Broadway play, so the 9:45 showing was out.

So instead, we stayed home, ate spaghetti squash, and rented Safety Not Guaranteed, which was actually a surprisingly good movie.

Attempt 3 — yep, you guessed it Fail. Not as devastating as attempt two though.

So what do you guys think? Should we try one more time, or just accept that fact that maybe we aren’t meant to see this movie?

PS– I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled running posts tomorrow. But just an FYI, I did 3.5 miles Friday, 4 miles yesterday, and am going to lift (nooooooooo) today.