Woe is Me (Kind Of)

November 7, 2012

I was all set on Monday night to write a post about all my woes for the week. (Yes. A week of woes on Monday. That wasn’t a typo.)

It was going to be called The Week of Woe: Chapter One

However, I got sidetracked (by sidetracked, I mean, Dancing with the Stars came on) and the post didn’t get written. And while I’m still going to list my woes, they aren’t so bad anymore so this post might be kind of moot.

So, here we are.

Woe 1) Our fridge died over the weekend and my cream spoiled, meaning I couldn’t have my coffee until I got to work. This, my friends, is a catastrophe. I do not do well without my coffee on the T.

Woe 2) My back has been nagging me for over a week. While a big part of it was due to our mattress, turns out I also have an infection that was working its way towards my kidneys. (Hence the low back pain.) Do not be alarmed– I’m on antibiotics now and feeling much better.

Woe 3) I was convinced our house was getting cased when I saw a random guy walk up and then back down our driveway while I was at the bus stop to go to work. I basically glared at him from across the street until I got on the bus, and then worried the rest of the day. Turns out, he’s just a construction worker for the house next door. I’ve seen him every morning since then. It’s a little awkward.

Woe 4) I gambled with a parking meter and lost. I seriously was in Dunkin Donuts for 5 minutes.

Woe 5) I gambled again a few days later, and lost again. I know, I should have learned my lesson, but I really wanted to go another mile at the gym. While I did finish my 6.5 mile run, what I should have done was run to the meter to add another quarter.

Point taken, Newton meter maids. You don’t mess around.

Woe 6) Nor’easter. Today into tomorrow. ‘Nuf said.

Now that I’ve complained and bored you all to death, let me leave you with a few things that are making me happy today:

Sparkly nails!

This was my first time trying those Sally Hansen salon effects, and I gotta say– love them! So easy, especially considering I can’t give myself a manicure to save my life. Best CVS impulse buy I’ve had in a while.

My new Lulu bag!

I finally have a bag that fits all my work stuff and gym stuff. No more lugging two giant bags to work everyday. And it’s red! A big thanks to Brita for helping me out. 🙂

Hunter rain boots.

For said Nor’easter. At least my feet will be warm and dry, and I can walk through as many puddles as I want. (Does anybody else seek out puddles when they have on rain boots?)

On that note, I’m signing off. I leave for Key West tomorrow (Oh….did I forget to mention that? ;)) so you won’t be hearing from me for a bit. Hooray for destination weddings!

Be back Tuesday night!







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