Mid-Week Slump

October 24, 2012

There’s something about Wednesday’s that always make me tired.

On the one hand, the week is halfway over. But on the other, I still have 2 more wake-ups before the weekend.


On the bright side, my boyfriend had a meeting in town early this morning, so he offered to give me a ride.

Um, yes please! The bus and T don’t have heated seats and Opie and Anthony.

Where he dropped me off meant I could walk through the Common on my way to work. But while my little morning stroll was really nice, seeing the park preparing for winter made me a little nostalgic for summer.

Great. This is gonna be a long winter, folks.

The park is still pretty in the fall, though. At the risk of looking like a seriously nerdy tourist, I snapped a few pics:

But my question of the day is, have any of you ever seen a black squirrel?

Black squirrel? Or rat with really fluffy tail?

I’m obviously having lots of deep thoughts today.


I’ve got a run planned for this morning. I don’t really have a distance in mind, I just need to get my legs moving. I didn’t make it to the gym yesterday, due to meetings during the day and plans last night, so needless to day, I’m looking forward to working up a good sweat.

Wish me luck!


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