Sock Rebellion

October 18, 2012

Thank you so much for that hefty dose of utter and sheer boredom you gave me during my workout today, Mr. Treadmill. You shouldn’t have.

No, really. You shouldn’t have.

OK, guys. The good news is, I got my 5 miles in. The bad news is, I had to break it up into sprint intervals instead of a steady 5 straight miles.

Why you ask? Well, first of all, I was wearing my Pumas.

Which means I had to wear socks.

And I’ve decided wearing socks while you run should be illegal. Or at least not accepted in most places.

Does anyone else always get blisters every time they wear socks? I’ve tried a million kinds, and still, no dice. Socks are not my friend, friends. They were slip sliding all over the place, and I had to use my walking breaks to fix them.

I hereby declare a sock rebellion! Who’s with me?

Also, regarding my Pumas…they are about as flat-soled as you can get, and they still felt too bulky.

Yep. Plopped that puppy right on my desk.

I haven’t run in them since I got my Vibrams, and I can’t say I miss them at all.

Finally, there’s a reason it’s called the Dreadmill. It crushes your soul and takes no prisoners.

I got about 1 mile in before I wanted to rip my hair out. When this happens, instead of stopping, I always immediately switch to sprint intervals to break it up a bit. Lots of people have different workouts for this, but mine is usually the same:

Run 1 mile or until boredom sets in

Walk for .10

Sprint as fast as you can for .15 (so each walk/sprint rotation totals 1/4 of a mile)

Repeat until desired mileage is met.

I usually really bump up the speed as I get close to the end. I compare it to sprinting toward a finish line in a race.

And yes, I know that interval training is great, and some would say it’s even better for you than running 5 miles at the same pace. (I could hold my own in a conversation about steady state.)

But, I’m running a 10k on Sunday and I really, really want to do good. And building up my mileage until I can run straight through is what works for me.

Ugh. Listen to me complaining.

Wah, socks. Wah, treadmill. Wahhhhh 10k.

Sorry. Will you forgive me if I post a picture of my parent’s dog Wes the Corgi?

He says Hi.

How can you not smile when you see those ears?

At least now that my run is over, I can look forward to dinner! (And a well-deserved glass o’ wine!)

Catch ya later!


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