A New Kind of AHSOM

October 4, 2012

I’m about to let you in on a secret.

Blogging? It’s stressful.

Not in a pull-your-hair-out, collapse-on-the-couch sort of way. It’s more a  guilt-inducing , oh, shit, I haven’t posted in almost three months and I know I should, even though I really don’t want to or have anything note-worthy to say kind of way. Especially when people tell you they love your blog and ask when you are going to post again.


I’ve decided that in order for this blog to go on, I’m going to need to write differently.

Before, I think I was trying too hard to be funny, because that’s what people liked. And I would stress myself out trying to write funny posts (some successful, some not so much). And although I always felt good when I did manage to eke out something witty, it would take a lot out of me.

So much so that sometimes I needed to take an extended (3 month) hiatus.

While I wish I could pull funny stuff out of a hat at the drop of a dime, the truth is, I’m really not that good. Some posts would take me literally hours to write. And while I do love writing, I don’t love it enough to do it for 8 hours at my job, and then go home and spend another few hours writing a blog post.

Hence my radio silence and sporadic posts over the span of the last several months.

I’ve honestly been toying with the idea of just deactivating this little ‘ol blog of mine. But first, I’m going to try something new.

I’m going to blog like most other bloggers do. I’m going to (gasp!) talk about my day, maybe throw in a few posts on my workout routine. Perhaps a few food or baking-related posts.

You know. Mundane. Boring. Uninteresting.

We’ll see if you guys stick around.

I’ll try to at least take some pretty pictures. (warning, they’ll probably mostly be house/furniture related.)


2 Responses to “A New Kind of AHSOM”

  1. DAD Says:

    Lindasy, is that really you? My state of mind has been so un-healthy. Now that you’re back, all of a sudden, life makes sense.
    Looking forward to more posts. Love, as always, DAD

  2. Mom Says:

    Ohhhh Lindsay at least it will be a way for me to know what you’ re up to on a day to day basis Love it!!!

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