Footie Gloves

June 12, 2012

Or as most people know them– Vibram Five Fingers.

I’ve been talking about getting a pair since, ohhhhh, I dunno. Last August? You know, around the time I thought I wanted to move to Africa and become a fannypack-wearing antelope hunter.

We all know how that turned out.

But yesterday, on my lunch break, I finally bit the bullet and bought a pair. Don’t my feet look cute?

To my pleasant surprise, the color I wanted just happened to be the only color that was on sale. I think the Vibram Gods were smiling down on me. Instead of dropping the expected $110, I got these puppies for a cool $74.97.

I guess there are very few people who prefer to have purple foot gloves to run around in?

Um, score one for me!

Anyway, I went for my first run last night.

I had asked about City Sports return policy (just in case these shoes ended up not being a great fit for me), and they told me I had 30 days to test them out as long as I didn’t wear them outside.

So, treadmill it was last night.

It’s recommended you start off slowly, which I totally did. I went 3.75 in 45 minutes.

Yes, that slow.

And thank God I did.

I felt my calves burning not even a mile into my run. They were already sore by the time I got off.

And this morning. Good lawd.

You know that annoying person at the gym that is always flexing in front of the mirror instead of actually doing anything?

That was me in front of my full-length mirror this morning. I was convinced my calves had become rock hard and uber defined overnight. All over a 3.75 run.

I’m not gonna lie– the run was hard. And for a split second I thought maybe, maybe, these weren’t for me.

But that’s how anything is the first time you try them.

And considering I’m actually excited to go for another run tomorrow (not tonight– my rock hard calves need a break), I’d say that’s a good sign!


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