Blog Hobby

May 30, 2012

I’m always bitching that I don’t have a hobby.

Turns out I do. I’m just not very good at keeping up with it.

See, blogging is sneaky hard.

Not in the “oh mah God, my head is going to explode from thinking so hard” way.

More in the “oh mah God, it’s been 4 months since I’ve updated this blog and I feel horribly guilty and pressured to write something, so I’m going to post a weird, random post about a photo hunt just to keep my audience entertained until I think of something with real substance” sort of way.

I was trying to be witty with that last post. Forgive me, you guys.

I, personally, thought it was hysterical. But that sense of accomplishment went down the drain when my boyfriend IM’d me and told me he didn’t get it.

Then he told me, wait he gets it!

He found my arm! It’s in the mirror!

Thanks. Actually, that’s my head. But really, I can see how you can get the two confused.


Anyway, I’ve realized that the way to keep my audience entertained isn’t to post extremely random posts once every few months.

(Although quality does always win out of quantity.)

It’s about consistency and “letting my audience see a glimpse of my life!”

So, guess what.

You’re going to be seeing more of me.

I’m going to make a pact with myself to write at least four times a week here.

It probably won’t be funny. It definitely won’t be award-worthy. It’ll probably end up being what I eat and drink all day.

(I just finished a bowl of cereal by the way. I wasn’t very hungry tonight. I wonder why? Could it be the weather? Hmm…)

But, it will be something. Four times a week.

You’re welcome.


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