25 Weirdest Search Terms that Led People to My Blog

July 28, 2011

Normally I don’t care how people find my site, just as long as they stay awhile and read it.

But I don’t even know what half of these search terms mean:

1.) Split my gimp suit (Um, thanks for reading? And I hope your gimp suit can be fixed?)

2.) “Whats is the wrong word what ever spelling still wrong” (Huh…?)

3.) Door open awkward polite

4.) English muffin hatred (Who knew there were people out there with such hatred towards these tasty breakfast treats?)

5.) Human hair sweater (Hahaha…ew!)

6.) “holding door awkward jog”

7.) “chest hair poke through shirt” (Apparently, this is a real problem.)

8.) Tomboy hairy arms

9.) “Tits Piké” (WTF??? What’s with the accent mark?)

10.) “sprinkled donuts, with lots of sprinkles” (And there better be LOTS.)

11.) cartoon fat Jamaican woman (Why must it be a cartoon? And Jamaican?)

12.) English muffins problems (Yeah, what’s your problem, Engligh Muffins? Huh?)

13.) redhead hairy forearm (…Hey!)

14.) “dominatrix outfits” (What the…?)

15.) Miss Obese (Is this REAL?)

16.) English muffins give me a headache (OK, THAT would suck.)

17.) Amputation (WHAT??)

18.) What should a fat boy wear? (I suggest black. It’s slimming.)

19.) “Bob Marley lingerie” (Ohhh…kinky!)

20.) fat person coming out of Blimpies (Ha! Blimpies still exists?)

21.) Super ass (Thanks for noticing)

22.) “cartoon + fat boy + explode” (Well, gee. That’s not very nice.)

23.) Pile of ketchup (This is obviously someone after my own heart.)

24.) Fat kid nerd rage (It’s bound to happen)

25.) My arms hurt really bad (I’m sorry to hear that)

I think the moral of the story is, I have no rhyme or reason when deciding what to write about.

What disturbs me the most is my top two search terms are “Fat kid” and “sprinkle donut”.

1,121 and 626 hits, respectively.



2 Responses to “25 Weirdest Search Terms that Led People to My Blog”

  1. Lilee Says:

    LOL! Ok…now I seriously just laughed at work. What’s with all the English Muffin searches? Hatred? Problems? Headaches. Too funny. Poor ppl, hating on those delicious muffins.

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