10 Words I Spell Wrong Every Single Time

June 24, 2011

You’d think as an editor for a website and a raging pet peeve for bad spelling, I’d have a pretty good grasp on how to spell most common words. But there’s still a few that get me every single time. I blame this on my first grade teacher.

1.) Broccoli. Two c’s and one l? Or 1 c and two l’s? Gah! Damn you broccoli! (And I even spelled it wrong the first time typing it that second time. Wait…what?)

2.) Separate. Usually spelled seperate. According to google, the way to remember the e’s and a’s is the “e’s surround the a’s”. Um, nope. That doesn’t help me at all.

3.) Zucchini. The h is often forgotten and I end up with zuccini. Still tastes the same though.

4.) Apparently. I apparently like to spell it apparantly.

5.) Embarrass. And since I embarrass myself quite often, it’s quite embarrassing to always spell it embarass.

6.) Jewelry. My penchant for extra e’s leaves me with jewelery.

7.) Buses. In fact, even my elementary school didn’t know how to spell buses, and everyday I was dropped off in the “Busses” line:

8.) Pastime. As in, my favorite pastime is spelling pasttime wrong.

9.) Privilege. It is a privilege for you to make my top 10 list, priviledge.

10.) Vacuum. Since renting my own apartment, I have actually been using this word a lot over gChat. I’ve been debating what vaccuum to buy for months. (Ignore the fact how horribly old that makes me sound.)

With all that being said, at least I’m not this girl:

On a side note, want to know what my favorite word in the English language to say is?


Definition: verb. to burglarize.

As in, “Holy cow, I was burgled and my TV is gone!”


“‘What do you want to do tonight, John?’ ‘I dunno. Burgle a house?'”

Go ahead. Google it. It’s a word. And really fun to say. I bet you’re going to walk around with the word burgle in your head for the rest of the day.

Kind of like having a song stuck in your head. Fun at first, but gets really annoying after a while. Especially when you only know, like, one line.

I hate that.

Happy Friday.


7 Responses to “10 Words I Spell Wrong Every Single Time”

  1. guyonthego Says:

    You are freaking funny as hell! thanks for making me smile! New to the site – still trying to get my footing!

  2. HAHA! πŸ™‚
    I also have a word that I can never remember how to spell (despite being an awesome speller). It is weird. Or is that wierd? Can never remember the order of the ‘i’ and the ‘e’! hehehe! πŸ™‚
    Nice post!

  3. DAD Says:

    Maybe you should add “fact” to your list. Isn’t everybody a critic?

  4. Lilee Says:

    Guilty! Seperate and pasttime are problems of mine too. No, I mean, separate and pastime. Sorry about that. πŸ™‚

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