20 Signs You Know You’re Getting Old

April 14, 2011

You know you’re getting old when…

1.) Your credit score gets you excited.
2.) …as do coupons.
3.) Going to bed is your favorite time of day.
4.) 9pm is dubbed “quiet time”.
5.) You worry you’ll be too tired the next day if you stay up all the way until 11pm to watch Jon Stewart.
6.) You start waking up before your alarm clock.
7.) Buying housewares gives you a killer adrenaline rush.
8.) Any more than two beers, and you’ll definitely have a headache the next day.
9.) You need at least two days to recover from a hangover.
10.) Cute babies make you drool more than cute guys do.
11.) You volunteer to be the designated driver.
12.) You declare on Friday that you “don’t want to drink a lot tonight because I don’t want to waste my Saturday!”
13.) You can’t wait to leave the bar because you’re feet hurt and you’re really tired of standing.
14.) Coffee becomes much less of a novelty, and much more of a necessesity.
15.) Your viciously hate your upstairs neighbors because they play video games much too loudly during your nightly shows.
16.) Planting a vegetable garden is very high on your list of priorities.
17.) You start giving people homemade crafts for Christmas.
18.) You can’t eat past 9pm for fear of getting heartburn.
19.) You get to the gym before its 8am opening time on the weekends.
20.) All your friends currently belong to a book club.

You guessed it…I currently exhibit 90% of these. Anyone have anything to add?


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