Style vs. Warmth– What Was I Thinking??

January 14, 2011

I googled a word to describe how I looked today walking into work, and the only phrase that comes close to the right definition is this:

School Marm.

I’ve been taking public transportation for almost 3 years now, so it’s safe to say I’ve learned how to dress for the elements.

Snow, sleet, rain– you name it, I conquer.

I always kind of prided myself in being able to keep some sort of cuteness to my bad weather ensemble.

Especially when it came to footwear.

If I was wearing boots, I would wear skinny jeans or leggings so the boot leg would slide nicely up and over my pants in a hip, stylish sort of way.

And I would subtley turn my nose up at the lesser-chic people who would climb onto the T, pants shoved haphazardly into their boots, all scrunched up around their knees because they aren’t sleek enough to fit into the boot leg.

“I would never,” I’d think to myself, “let myself sink to that point. Warmth is nice, but not THAT nice.”

But today, my closet snobbiness turned to horror when I realized…I’ve become one of them.

It all started when I saw all my skinny jeans and leggings were dirty.

“No worries!” I thought to myself, “I have plenty of other pants to go around!”

I selected a pair of pants and went about my morning routine like nothing was amiss.

My first clue to the error of my ways should have been when I was sitting in the living room, frantically trying to shove my pant leg down into my boot in an effort to make it look normal.

Nope. I apparently still thought I was on the right track to work-attire cuteness.

My second clue should have been when I made a vague comment to my roommate that it looked like I was off to go fly-fishing.

But I guess I was kind of kidding.

So, I continued along, blissfully oblivious.

Third clue? When I heard a homeless guy snickering as I walked by.

But I assumed it was due to something the voices in his head were saying…not the way I looked.

But then, I got into work.

As I was turning my computer on, I happened to glance down. And this, my friends, is what I saw:

Oh. My. God.

And here’s a head on view:

Look at my PANTS!

There they are. My pants, scrunched haphazardly into my boots, just like all the other fuddy-duddies I so snobbishly always made fun of in my head.

Maybe I really should have gone fly-fishing.

Oh, and PS- I’m also wearing my glasses today. I can assure you, this did NOT help my cause.


4 Responses to “Style vs. Warmth– What Was I Thinking??”

  1. Mom Says:

    I think you look cute in your glasses! However I’m not so sure about Theboots and pants thing!!!! Love Ya

  2. DAD Says:

    There’s something wrong with that?? Here on the farm, we think that is style!!

  3. Deb Says:

    I’m pretty sure that those boots are “riding” attire . . .and you don flip flops at the barn . . . I now realize your footwear does not go where you think (or hope) it is going . . .that is the root of your confusion (& look).
    I hope I cleared this up for you. Love your writing, it makes me smile!

    • lindsayhutton Says:

      The sad thing is, I saw these same boots at the Equestrian Center– I even bought the fleece inserts there. Oh no!

      I don flip flops at the barn so I’m not asked to do anything I don’t want to do…pretty smart if you ask me 🙂

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