Wii Fit is Mean

December 29, 2010

What’s that saying?

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

I think if computers are going to act more and more like humans, they should be required to follow the basic rules of courtesy that we learn as small children.

And that goes for gaming consoles– specifically, Wii Fit.

I knew Wii Fit is designed to make your onscreen avatar look, more or less, like the real you.

I did not, however, know it had to right to tell you that 1.) you’re “obese” and 2.) exactly how much weight you are required to lose to bring you down to a weight that the Wii deems “appropriate”.

But, apparently, that’s what it does. It happened to one of my cousins.

If the Wii thinks you are an unacceptable weight, it will make your poor little avatar balloon up on screen, sometimes to a point where your arms stick out and you waddle like a penguin.

The screen will flash red, and the words “OBESE!” will scroll across the screen.

Then, it will tell you exactly how much poundage you need to drop.

Well, thankyouverymuch WII, but I don’t need a gaming console telling me how much weight I need to lose.

Chances are, if I’m overweight, I know it. I don’t need a reminder, especially from a system that isn’t even human.

You don’t even know what chocolate tastes like!

And, last I checked, making fun of a person’s weight isn’t the way to get a person to exercise.

It’s just plain mean.

It’s the equivalent to walking into a gym and having a personal trainer say to you “Holy crap! Thank God your here ’cause my-oh-my You. Are. HUGE. Get your ass on a treadmill stat.”

A good trainer…hell, probably even a bad trainer….would never say that to a client.

Luckily, the cousin who was relaying this story is confident, self-assured, and not willing to let a computer hurt her feelings.

But what if a teenager, who’s self-confidence is probably struggling at best, had the Wii tell her she needs to lose weight? As if peer pressure isn’t bad enough.

Hel-lo plummeting self-esteem and eating disorder!

So, we came up with a solution. We’re going to invent a gaming system that uses compliments and encouragement, not insults and degrading remarks.

For example:
Instead of saying “Hey fatso, you need to lose 67 pounds to be a functioning member of society”

Ours will say:
“Day-um girl, you looking FIONE today! Try substituting an apple instead of chips for lunch and you’ll look even better, if that’s possible!”

See the difference? It makes me want to eat an apple!


4 Responses to “Wii Fit is Mean”

  1. DAD Says:

    Good post and nice plug for apples (which everybody should eat), so THANK YOU from your favorite apple farmer!!

  2. Keagan Says:

    Nice…finally a post that I was kind of involved in! We need to get on this idea along with Gina Va. With ideas like these, who needs the lotto?

  3. lindsayhutton Says:

    Agreed Keags! Let’s brainstorm while Evan is napping.

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