The Dangers of Keeping Candy in Your Cube

November 30, 2010

Just when I think I’m finally being healthy…

In lieu of the holiday season, I’ve been trying to clean up my diet a little. I figure if I’m going to be indulging in a little holiday cheer (and by cheer, I mean alcohol and cookies) on the weekends, the least I can do it keep it healthy during the week. Not too hard, right?


I started the morning off on a good note:

Low sugar oatmeal! Fruit!

And this wholesome, hearty breakfast held me over until lunch, where I had a nice can of soup and some salad waiting to be consumed.

But then I ran into trouble.

Big trouble.

All I wanted was the soup bowl I keep in the bottom drawer of my desk. Really, I wasn’t asking for trouble. So imagine my surprise when I open it up and see this:


How, oh how, did I forget that I bought this candy the day after Halloween during a moment of weakness when I went into CVS to buy mascara and it was on sale for, like, 2 for $1?

The fact that it has sat in my bottom drawer, untouched, for a month literally blows my mind.

Unfortunately, that candy is now on my radar.

I heard it calling my name while I glumly ate my stupid soup and droopy salad, which promptly lost it’s luster once I knew there was real, live chocolate within 2 feet of me.

I tried. I really did. But having chocolate that close would wreak havoc on anybody’s willpower.

Which is why it really isn’t my fault that this happened:


Damn you chocolate. You win again. 😦


2 Responses to “The Dangers of Keeping Candy in Your Cube”

  1. DAD Says:

    EAAAT APPLESSSS !!!!!!! and live h-apple-y ever after
    love you,DAD

  2. lindsayhutton Says:

    Oh my God. Did you really just write that?

    And I do EAAAT APPLESSSS. There’s one in the first picture!!

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