I Am Mallory Pike

July 21, 2010

The other night, I had quite possibly one of the most hilarious conversations of my life with my roommate.

I have no idea how, but we got talking about the Babysitters Club series.

Remember those books? Well, we sure did.

We remembered every single one of their names, including their boyfriends and siblings (remember the triplets Adam, Jordan, and Byron?).

And they all live in the fictional town of Stonybrook, CT.

We remembered Kristy’s parents were divorced, and she moved into her step-father’s mansion.

And remember how Claudia ( you know, the artsy one) used to hide Nancy Drew novels and junk food around her room because her parents didn’t approve of those things?

(Full disclosure: I decided I wanted to be like Claudia, and used to hide candy around my room, too. The only problem is, it would stay hidden for about five minutes before I “found” it, and promptly ate it. I guess I just didn’t have Claudia’s will-power. Or stupidity to forget where it was.)

Anyway, it got us thinking…which BSC member were we?

My roommate Nora is Mary Ann. I don’t really remember why we decided this. Maybe because she has brown hair like Mary Ann and dreams of dating a boy named Logan.

My other roommate, Melissa, is Dawn. Mainly because she has blond hair. (We’re creative, can’t you tell?)

(Another full disclosure: Melissa thinks Nora and I are 100% bat-shit crazy, and pretty much flat-out refused to take part in our BSC role playing. But we dubbed her Dawn anyway. I thought it was compliment…her California-chic style always made me jealous).

So, then the attention roles around to me. And, of course, you can probably guess who I am.

Mallory Pike.

The frizzy-haired, glasses-wearing, braces-sporting nerd.

Tell me- WHY are the redheads always the nerds? What is it about red hair that automatically makes people think of coke-bottle glasses and clear braces?

I mean, look at this poor girl:

Although, I have to admit, we do have the potential to look dangerously alike, if I ever decided to stop brushing my hair and putting on mascara. The only advantage I have is I have straight teeth.


Anyway, we’ve decided this Halloween, we’re all dressing up as the Babysitters Club, and we’re going to have a BSC-themed party complete with Kid Kits and hidden candy (as long as I don’t “find” it all first.)

So, we’re currently casting parts for the rest of The Club. We need people to be:

Kristy– the sporty tomboy, who now that I think about it is probably a raging lesbian.

Claudia– The artsy Japanese-American who likes to wear weird clothes.

Stacy– The diabetic who is the “trend-setter” of the group.

Jessie– The ballerina who has trouble adjusting to being the only black girl in a mostly white town.

Logan– Mary Ann’s boyfriend who is originally from Kentucky. I’ve casted my boyfriend for this part, but I have a feeling he won’t be a willing participant. Besides, we need a guy with blond hair.

So, who’s in?


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