My Arms Really Really Hurt

June 14, 2010

At the beginning of last summer, I froze, and eventually canceled, my membership at the gym in my office building to pursue my kettlebell dreams.

As most of you know, although my love of kettlebells remains, the kettlebell gym I had joined didn’t work out so well. (Over-charging people, even after they’ve canceled, usually doesn’t make said people so happy.)

So, I’m back at good ‘ol BSC.

Things went great for the first week. I ran on the treadmill a lot, rode the bike some, and purposely avoided the weights, knowing full well reintroducing my body to dumbbells wouldn’t be pretty.

My avoidance could only last for so long.

On Friday (yes, a full THREE days ago) I let one of my co-workers talk me into taking a class called “Club Strength”.

I thought it sounded harmless enough. I mean, according to BSC’s website, the class definition reads:
“We’ve brought the fitness floor into the studio. This total body workout utilizes barbells and weight plates and is suitable for all fitness levels.”

How bad could it be, right?

Wrong. Oh, boy, how wrong I was.

The class itself wasn’t so bad. Hell, I didn’t even bat an eye when my co-worker so nicely saved me a spot in the front of the class. I persevered, and powered through the whole workout with the determination of a born champion.

After class, my legs felt a little wobbly, but other than that, I felt grand.

Friday night, I noticed my arms weren’t bending quite the way they should. But, I went out, had a few beers, and promptly didn’t give it another thought.

Saturday, the soreness set in. Granted it wasn’t bad, but I knew I was in for even more pain the next day. So I drank a box of wine with my roommate and hoped a hangover would overshadow my pain.

Sunday rolls around. Holy Christ. I thought my arms were going to fall off. However, as bad as that sounds, I thought that was the worst of it.

I. Was. Wrong.

Here’s is what my arms currently look like:

Yes, I took this picture at work, in my cube.

You might not think it looks like anything is wrong.

But, see how my arm is bent at an awkward 90 degree angle? That’s because I can’t straighten it any more than that without wanting to rip my arm off in a fit of pain and anguish.

Now picture me swaggering down the hallway at work, with my arms all askew, while I desperately try to make it look like it’s totally normal to look like that .

Exactly. It’s hilarious. And pathetic.

If this keeps up, I’m considering amputation. Good God someone help me.


4 Responses to “My Arms Really Really Hurt”

  1. Sly Says:

    Lindzzzzz…. WHAAAAAA

  2. tadz21 Says:

    lindzzzzzzzzz – carry a really heavy purse at all times. that is how i straightened my elbow after surgery 🙂 and yes, it will hurt like hell! (so drink some more box o’wine!)

  3. lindsayhutton Says:

    OK, I tried the heavy purse thing. And you’re right…it DID hurt like hell!! Thank God for boxed wine 🙂 Haha I’m so classy.

  4. […] However, recently, my posts have been trending more towards humorous things that happen to me on any given day – i.e. awkward work encounters and painful physical maladies. […]

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