You Are What You Eat…

May 27, 2010

…and for many people, that’s a giant pile of greasy, heart attack-inducing fast food.

But, as angry as I get at the people who stuff their faces with this crap every day and then are SHOCKED when they are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and have a heart attack at age 38, I’m starting to think the restaurants are just as much to blame.

Check out this yummy list of “30 Healthy Foods that Aren’t”.

Hey, Macaroni Grill! Congratulations. You’re the first people to successfully take a healthy piece of fish and bread, fry, and grease it up into a hearty 2,000+ calorie monstrosity.

Oh, and Ruby Tuesday’s, you sneaky little bastards. Don’t think using the word “mini” when describing your Bacon Cheddar Burgers is going to fool me. When you give someone FOUR, it’s almost worse than just handing over a full-sized one.

And Blimpie. Ohhhh, Blimpie. I didn’t even know you still exist. But leave it to you to pack a veggie sandwich with more than half a days worth of calories. You guys are good.

And by good, I mean disgusting.

I’ll be the first to say that people are too quick to blame others when it comes to their weight, and I’ll also be the first to call bullshit on that.

But, it’s easy to see how simple marketing techniques can lead uneducated people down the wrong, waistline-expanding, dangerously unhealthy path.

It’s pretty much general knowledge now that many salads served in restaurants are unhealthy, unless you specifically ask them to remove the fried chicken, croutons, 5 types of cheese, and buckets of salad dressing.

But…fish? Veggie sandwiches? Those things practically scream “I’m healthy!”.

So here I am, saying what I never thought I’d say. Maybe people aren’t 100% to blame for their weight. Maybe they’re only, like, 98% at fault.

The other 2% falls on the false advertising from restaurants.

I know many places are requiring restaurants to post the calorie content of their meals, and I think this is a step (albeit small) in the right direction. Because seeing these numbers is more than enough for me to steer clear.

How much longer until this type of food is just straight-up banned? Although I guess then we get into the issue of whether or not it’s our constitutional right to eat and get fat as we see fit.

Sigh. It’s a never-ending cycle. Stupid fast food.


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