March 17, 2010

What’s that stand for you ask?

National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance.

All together now: “W.T.F.?????”

I think I have an issue with this. In theory, I can appreciate what this association is trying to do, which is end size discrimination and “build a society in which people of every size are accepted with dignity and equality.”

In theory.

Alright, yes. I get it. Just because a person might be…ummm…hefty doesn’t mean they are unhealthy. However, I’m starting to get the feeling that some people are starting to take this whole theory a little too far.

(I’m sitting here eating a cookie while typing this. Hey! I’m not fat! I’m healthy!)

What people (read: obese people) seem to be overlooking is that a lot of chubby people are unhealthy.

And this whole “don’t judge me just because I’m fat and eating a Whopper but might be healthy you just can’t tell by my size” mentality is really annoying.

New flash: If you’re 100 pounds overweight, chances are you are unhealthy.

Another news flash: If you eat fast food every day and don’t exercise, chances are you are, gasp!, unhealthy.

Listen, I’m a big advocate for “healthy” people. Not stick-skinny, anorexic, size-zero models. Healthy people. People who like to eat, but understand the meaning of moderation.

And being a little big-boned can definitely be put in that category.

But I do not support the enormous, Big-Mac-chomping species of people who seem to be clinging to this new idea that healthy people come in all shapes and sizes, including the Half-Ton Man who has his own reality show on TLC.

Hate me all you want, call me narrow-minded, whatever. But you all know it’s true.

So instead, I ask you to support a real cause. The defamation of Gingers.

Seriously, why is it we get no love?


2 Responses to “NAAFA”

  1. Little bro Says:

    Does this mean that if this organization gathers steam I could be beat out for a job by someone because they’re overweight? Not cool. And gingers get no love because you have no souls :-p

  2. lindsayhutton Says:

    It is possible you could lose a job to a fat person. Better start eating more.

    Although they might think you weigh 100 pounds more than you actually do with those mutton chops you have on your face now.

    “Hey, look at that guy! He’s so fat he wears meat on his face so it’s never too far from his mouth! Let’s hire HIM!”

    Haha. See? I really don’t have a soul.

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