5 year old…bodybuilder?

October 28, 2009

As the saying goes: When in Rome….

I’m going to revise that statement to be: When you’re a Romanian in Rome…

I’ll start you all off with this clip:

Most normal 5-year-olds are eating Play-Doh and riding their Big Wheels at this age. Their biggest accomplishment is figuring out how to ride a bike and eat a donut at the same time.

But noooooooo, Giuliano had to go and show us all up and get buff.

What a jerk.

I cringed when I saw this little guy’s pull up form. I cringed even more when I saw his push up form.

And then I cringed when I realized I was critiquing a 5-year-olds form.

I mean seriously…5 years old with a 6 pack?? Most people only dream of that.

Except for me of course. I already have one.


Anyway, the article mentions that he’s been training for 3 years.

Um, 3 years? Now, I’ve never been good at math, but if I’m correct that means he started working out when he was…2??

What the hell! I want his motivation! Most days of the week it takes me an hour just to talk myself into even going to the gym.

I will say, he looks like he actually enjoys working out. But I have to question the parent’s motivation behind this. Why would this kid’s father encourage his child to start lifting weights at the age of 2?

And I also have to question the effects this kind of training will have on his growing body.

Are any of you out there former child body builders?

I’m guessing….no.

But if any of you are, or if you happen to be an expert on child bodybuilding, please enlighten me.

PS- Any chance I can look like that in 10 days? I want to look good for my St. Maarten trip. 🙂

Tomorrow’s post: Pictures of my pumpkin carving skills, and a yummy pumpkin seed recipe. Stay tuned!


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