Swimsuit “uniforms” no more!

October 23, 2009

How many of you watched the Miss America pageant growing up?


No? Really?

Well, I did. In fact, I went to it several years in a row in Atlantic City with my childhood best friend, as a birthday gift to her from her parents. They always let her bring a friend, and guess who she always picked?

You guessed it. Me. 🙂

God, I loved those trips. 13-years-old, parent-free, roaming up and down the boardwalk at 3 AM, the wind in my hair, the sand under my feet, a beer in my hand….

I mean…just kidding Mom and Dad!

Although I will admit, Atlantic City was the first place I ever saw a drug dealer.

And a hooker.

And a drug dealer with a hooker.

OK then….onto my point….

The Miss California pageant is doing away with the swimsuit “uniform” in the competition.

California, of all places. The one state with more bronzed, blond beach bums than all the other states in the country combined has suddenly gone all conservative.

And I’m glad.

But first let me snicker at the phrase “swimsuit uniform”. Seriously people? It’s called a bikini.

But don’t get confused. They’re not doing away with the swimsuit competition completely, just the identical suits…meaning contestants are allowed to wear whatever style they’d like, presumably one that will flatter their body type.

I don’t think I need to tell you why I think this is a good idea. California is finally realizing that beauty (not to sound corny) comes in all shapes and sizes. And considering a large part of the pageant’s fan base is young teens, it’s important to convey that message.

So, kudos to CA.

Who knows, maybe you’ll see me prancing across the stage in next year’s pageant.

As long as burkas are considered acceptable swim wear.


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